Friday, June 18, 2010

“Pick 6 Sundays” to Begin at Tioga Downs with a $6,000 Guaranteed Pool

Tioga Downs is proud to announce that it has partnered with the Southern Tier Harness Horsemen’s Association and Peter Kleinhans to offer its bettors a $6,000 Guaranteed Pick 6 on Sunday afternoons being tagged “Pick 6 Sundays” at Tioga Downs.

Beginning this Sunday (June 20th) Tioga Downs will offer a Pick Six that begins on race four and runs through race nine with a takeout rate of 21%.

That is the lowest takeout rate allowed in New York State.

If the Pick Six is not hit, there will be a 25% consolation payout with 75% being carried over to the next Sunday of live racing.

“Bettors want their money guaranteed when they are going to put a ticket together for a pick six, and we are thankful that the STHHA and Peter Kleinhans are working with us to put this together,” said Jason Settlemoir, VP of Racing and Simulcast.

“We are hoping to get some more exposure out of the bet, we have already lowered our takeout rates to the state minimum, and by adding this maybe some of the thoroughbred players on Sunday afternoon will pick up a program and throw a few bucks at it. We are not afraid to give anything a try at Tioga, and we have the full support of our horsemen’s organization who is also willing to step out on a limb with us,” said Settlemoir.

Tioga Downs races on Friday and Saturdays at 6:50 PM, and Sunday afternoons at 1:30 PM.