Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rockokie Week 2 Songs

Week 2 of the Rockokie Star Contest is tonight starting at 7pm. 17 singers remain including 2011 finalists Bobby Neira and Amanda Hungerford.

The singers are judged not only by the panel of judges but by all members of the live audience. The top singers will advance to the third round of the competition on Friday, March 9th.

Here is the list of singers competing tonight in order of performance with the song they'll be singing:

1. Mariah Conrad "Black Horse & Cherry Tree"
2. Matt Smith "Chicken Fried"
3. Katie Collins "You & I"
4. Amanda Hungerford "Stuck Like Glue"
5. Dean Wheeler "Bawitaba"
6. Hailey Wiggins "Feel Like a Woman"
7. Joanna Yaegar "Rolling in the Deep"
8. Bobby Neira "Grenade"
9. Angel Acosta "Piece of My Heart"

***10-Minute Intermission***

10. Jeremy Cramer "She Talks to Angels"
11. Angelica Carozzi "Love Hurts"
12. Shawn Delahanty "Hard to Handle"
13. Marissa Hromek "Don't Stop Believing"
14. Mary Brown "Redneck Woman"
15. Tiffany Jhingoor "Bad Romance"
16. Tory Doral "Old Time Rock N Roll"
17. Ashley Lux "I Want You to Want Me"

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